For over 15 years, our investors have purchased over 125 properties in 5 different states.  As a Commercial Real Estate acquisition company, our portfolio is focused on apartment buildings, industrial storage facilities, retail centers, hotels and office buildings.  We buy commercial real estate and we strive to ensure that each transaction is conducted professionally and quickly.  We firmly believe that the real estate business is built on reputation and relationships.  76% of our projects are repeat business from previously satisfied clients and we strive to maintain that reputation.  Our intent is to leave every client happy with any transaction they conduct with NSI Properties.

Our Approach

Every deal is different and each property is analyzed individually.  We base our offers on what the property produces now and not on some potential future value, based on future rent increases.  We recognize that sellers want to get as much as they can for their property.  However, our offers are based on the property’s current potential to produce income, not on the lowest price.  In every transaction, both the seller and the buyer should be pleased with the deal.  We work on the premise of win-win transactions.  We also consider the needs of each seller and, as such, we sometimes offer an equity position.  Please note that under an equity position transaction, we would retain management of the property.

Our Process

We analyze the financial data for the subject property.  If the property meets our investment requirements, we will submit a contracted offer and schedule to close in a timely manner.  Our due diligence period will be based on the property.  We work in a professional and competent manner, and we move through the steps thoroughly to ensure an efficient transaction.  If you have special needs, such as a timely closing, please let us know from the start.  We will take your needs into consideration.  Remember, we are NOT a real estate agency.  We do not want to list your property and charge you a sales commission.  We are buyers and we want to BUY your property.

Our Team

profile picture

Marcus Jackson, President/Investor

  • U.S. Naval Academy Graduate
  • U.S. Navy Veteran, U.S. Naval Officer 2002-2007
  • Licensed Mechanical Engineer, P.E., C.E.M., CxA, LEED A.P.
  • Over 16 Years Real Estate Investing & Development Experience
  • Houston,TX Native, Residing In Los Angeles, CA

Michael Sullivan, Chief Financial Officer/Investor

  • University of Pennsylvania Graduate
  • Licensed Account, CPA
  • Over 10 Years Real Estate Investing & Development Experience
  • Los Angeles, CA Native, Residing In Los Angeles, CA

Pat Dutton, Investor

  • Cornell University Graduate
  • Over 17 Years Real Estate Investing & Development Experience
  • New York Native, Residing In Los Angeles, CA

Mike Wilson, Construction Management/Investor

  • University of Stanford Graduate
  • Over 13 Years Real Estate Investing & Development Experience
  • San Francisco, CA Native, Residing In Los Angeles, CA

Erin Robinson, Administrative Assistance

  • University of Southern California Graduate
  • Over 5 Years of Office Administration Experience
  • Los Angeles, CA Native, Residing in Los Angeles, CA

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